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Speakers  & Presentations

This conference highlights the technical support and services provided by the SCMS that enhance the curriculum and the programs offered at Lane College, Tennessee State University, LeMoyne-Owen College, and Paine College. The conference aims are to:

  1. acquaint and provide information to African-American students, specifically, African-American women and other women of color to the study of engineering; and
  2. promote knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Day 1 — General Sessions & Town Hall Meeting

General Session I & Opening — Why You Should Become an Engineer: Future Careers in STEM

Moderator: Patricia Matthews-Juarez, PhD
Keynote: Bernadette M. Hence, EdD
Speaker: K. Renee Horton, PhD

General Session II — Biomedical Engineering and Health Professions Careers

Moderator: Kermit G. Payne
Speaker: André L. Churchwell, MD
Speaker: Melanie McReynolds, PhD

General Session III — Round-table Discussion: The Value Proposition of Engineering Focused Programs and Curriculum

Moderator: Daphne B. Johnson
Speaker: Michael Sutton, PE
Speaker: S. Keith Hargrove, PhD, CMfgE, PE, MBA

Town Hall Meeting — Innovations and Transformations in Engineering: Underserved Populations –  Engineering and Science to Improve Health Outcomes

MOU Speaker: James E.K. Hildreth, PhD, MD
MOU Speaker: S. Keith Hargrove, PhD, CMfgE, PE, MBA Moderator: Patricia Matthews-Juarez, PhD
Speaker: Julianne M. Pollard-Larkin, PhD
Speaker: Jami Valentine Miller, PhD

Day 2 — Breakouts, Transition, & Closing Session

Breakout Session A — Understanding Human Anatomy Utilizing Technology – Demonstration Project: The Anatomy Lab

Moderator & Speaker: Kenneth A. Mitchell, MPAS
Speaker: Brittney N. Boyd, DNP
Speaker: Tra’Mya Lauderdale

Breakout Session B — Applied Mathematics: Working on Practical Problems by Formulating Mathematical Models and Engineering

Moderator: Aminah Gooch, PhD
Facilitator: Ntirenganyi Karamba
Speaker: Joanna Hobson, BS
Speaker: Katherine Stevenson-Chavis, PhD
Speaker: Raul M. Peters, PhD
Speaker: Anna-Gay D. Nelson, PhD

Breakout Session C — Shattering the Glass Ceiling to the Physical Sciences

Facilitator: Brian C. Cooper, PhD
Speaker: Archi Dasgupta, PhD
Speaker: Bryan Kent Wallace, EdD
Speaker: Christopher M. Lee, PhD

Transition Session — Your Career Choice Will Require Grit!

Speaker: Nathaniel O. Clark, AIA, NOMA, NCARB

Breakout Session D — Strategies to Produce Underrepresented Groups in STEM with External Funding and Laboratory Experiences at TSU

Facilitator: S. Keith Hargrove, PhD, CMfgE, PE, MBA
Speaker: Andrea Tyler, PhD
Speaker: Omari Paul
Speaker: Frances Williams, PhD

Breakout Session E — Building a Strong Foundation

Facilitator & Speaker: Sherry L. Painter, PhD
Moderator: Avianne Robinson
Speaker: Amber M. Johnson, PhD
Speaker: Bernadette Gray
Speaker: Mariah McCullough

Breakout Session F — At the Intersection of Technology and Engineering

Facilitator: Anna-Gay Nelson, PhD
Moderator: Charleston Lee
Speaker: Brian C. Cooper, PhD
Speaker: Melanie Van Stry, PhD
Speaker: Brandon J. Pitts, PhD
Speaker: Raul M. Peters, PhD