FISK---Wallace,-Bryan-Kent---Photo Bryan Kent Wallace, EdD
Program Co-Sponsor
Assistant Professor of Physics
Director of Physics Laboratories & Coordinator of Rocketry
Department of Life & Physical Sciences

Dr. Wallace is Assistant Professor of Physics at Fisk University and the Director of Physics Laboratories.  In his capacity, he responsible for the modernization and instruction in all physics undergraduate laboratories, as well as, laboratory curriculum.

Dr. Wallace has dedicated his career to the upward mobility of underserved populations, in the area of math intensive subject matter and STEM related curriculum.  Dr. Wallace specializes in the development and implementation of engaging young and adult learners through STEM related outreach programs utilizing, but not limited to Physics, Astronomy, Rocketry and Robotics.

Dr. Wallace is the Primary Investigator for Fisk University’s Rocket Science Program, entitled Altitude Achievement Missile Team (F.A.A.M.T).   Most recently, Dr. Wallace has been assigned to an evaluation committee for the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to look at one of NASA’s Education Program’s Portfolio.

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